Martin Slack



Martin is married to Su, and they have four daughters. He is British (a southerner), and studied medicine at Cambridge University. He subsequently trained in Neonatal Intensive Care, before becoming a Consultant Neonatologist. In 2008 Martin left medicine to become pastor of Westlake Lausanne. He holds an MTh with the Wales Evangelical School of Theology. He is delighted that he has managed to persuade his girls to enjoy watching rugby nearly as much as he does.


Andy Kearns

Assistant Pastor

IMG_1898 (1)Andy is married to Zannah and they have three young children. Andy used to work as a physiotherapist before training for church ministry from 2007-09. He has worked in inner-city London and leafy Maidenhead (UK) where he led the start of a new congregation, as well as the youth work. His great love is the sea, but he's heard that mountains can be fun, too.


Jo'an Bardy

Church Administrator

JoanBardyJo'an is Singaporean, who's married to a French man and has a daughter born in Switzerland. With a Master's degree in bioengineering, she can tell you how to grow stem cells in petri dishes, on microcarriers or in hydrogels and differentiate them into different cell types in a clean and sterile environment. Did we mention that she's a bit of a nerd?


Adrian Price

Pastoral Intern

IMG_0049 (2)Adrian is British (a northerner) and is married to Fiona, who grew up in the           Lausanne area. They have a young son. Adrian studied music and composition at Durham University and later worked in primary education in London, before        training for church ministry in French at the Institut Biblique Belge in Brussels. He is currently a final-year student on full-time placement with Westlake. He loves            mountains - apparently there are one or two nearby.


Ministry Leaders

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